5 Points to Consider When Picking Professional Car Transport Service

Relocating from one city to another is chaotic. However, it brings a lot of new opportunities as well. The most difficult part about moving cities or even states is the relocation of our cars and bike. We are so emotionally invested in our vehicles that we worry for the safety of our rides. Here are 5 Points to Consider When Picking Professional Car Transport Service. Make sure that the company you choose for car transportation service checks all these boxes and we are sure that your car will be delivered safely.

Registration and License

You do not want a rookie to handle your car delivery, do you? How would you know that the company you are putting your trust into is the best one? A good place to start is check for the registration and license of the company. The company you are choosing for car transportation services near me should be IBA approved for your peace of mind.

Services Provided by the Company

Yes, the primary goal is car transportation service in Delhi or some other city. However, you can get much more to make the process a lot simpler. You can check if your car carrier offers home pick-up and home delivery or not. You can also ask them to arrange for a car wash before the transit. It is easier to see all the dents and scratches on a clean car.

Free Quotations from the Professional Car Transport Service Company

We all like window shopping, just knowing the prices of our favorite products. The good thing is you can shop around when looking for car transportation service in Gurgaon. Let us know what your requirements are for the car shifting services and 3-4 of the best companies listed on our website will give you free quotes. Compare the prices and the services offered by them and choose one.

Professional Car Transport Service Charges

Shifting a car does not just entail transit charges. There are a lot of other charges, often hidden ones. Make sure that the company you are choosing is very transparent with all its charges. Ask for the insurance cost, door-to-door service cost, taxes and other relevant costs. Companies offering the best car transport service in India are generally very open about their pricing policy.

Company Insurance

We are sorry to break this to you but your car insurance does not cover your car when it is under transit. If anything happens to your car during car transportation by train or via road, you will be left on your own to handle the situation. Of course, this is true only when you are do not have transit insurance. So always check if the company you are choosing for vehicle transportation services near me offer insurance. A comprehensive insurance will mean your car can be restored even if something misfortunate happens.

Now we more to some other points that you should consider before going for car shifting service. Car transport by train is often less expensive but the chances of scratches and dents increase. So, it makes more sense to pay that extra car transportation charges and go for car delivery using trucks.

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