Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How to choose the best transporter to shift Car, Bike or Household?

If you are looking for transportation services in India, there are some simple guidelines that you can follow to select the best transporter for shifting car, bike, and household.  You can always ask for the transportation services for the insurance.  Although it's a rare accident or damage might occur and you can be relaxed if the transportation service does offer insurance. Also be clear on the scheduling and delivery option before hiring any company. With proper planning and research, it is easy to choose the best transporter company.


Q2. I want to know the cost for shifting?

You must ask for an absolutely free non-obligatory quote before you hire a packer and mover company. Every reliable company will be more than happy to do so, after analyzing your requirements and specifications. A company that offers insurance might charge a little bit more, so don’t forget to ask about that as well. You must also make it a point to ask beforehand if there are any hidden charges that might be needed to be paid later.


Q3. How my days will take to transport my vehicle?

After you hire a shifting company, the vehicle is usually picked up with 2-5 days. The transport company will give you an estimation of the delivery time according to the normal drive time it takes. According to the different variable that is involved like, weather conditions, distance to be covered and traffic it usually takes a time of two days to up to a week for your vehicle to reach the specified destination.


Q4. Check List - Preparation I need to do before I transport my vehicle?

There are simple steps you need to follow before you transport your vehicle:

  • Wash your vehicle exterior.
  • Do a complete vehicle inspection and look around for any dents, scratches or paint chips that the vehicle already has.
  • You can take pictures of your vehicles from different angles.
  • Check for battery, tire pressure etc.
  • Any removable part from the exterior of the vehicle has to be removed and personal items have to be taken out.
  • Lock the vehicle.


Q5. Are there chances that may delay the shifting?

Usually, the shifting service is done in the estimated time. Especially you have hired a transportation vehicle specifically dedicated for your work; such delays do not happen ninety percent of the times. In rare situations like and weather conditions that block the way sometimes or an accident might delay shifting.  You can always ask the transport company about their policies in situations like these before hiring them.


Q6. What if there is damage during the transportation?

You as a consumer always have the choice of hiring a company that also offers insurance for goods and vehicles at the time of shifting. In case there is any damage that occurs at the time of transportation you will receive an amount from the company. For avoiding any kind of disputes related to lose or damage during the transportation process, be clear beforehand about insurance policies and only go ahead with the company when you are satisfied.


Q7. Does take responsibility of safe transportation?

Although we try our best to connect you to the best transportation companies in the countries that are verified and offer good quality services with security. does not hold any responsibility for safe transportation. We only help you to get in touch with the best companies; the selection choice is up to the consumer.


Q8. Are there any circumstances that could cause delay in my delivery?

Although most of the verified shifting companies make sure that the delivery is made completely on time, there can be some unforeseen circumstances that can cause a slight delay with the deliveries. While taking vehicle shifting service this delay can be due to some documentation errors like address being misspelled. Then another reason can be system failure as well. Finally, bad weather can be a cause as well and there is no control over such conditions. But one this is sure that in case of such situations you are kept updated.


Q9. Are there different types of vehicle transport to choose from? Is there a difference in the cost of open-air and enclosed transport options? Which should I choose?

Of course, there are varied kinds of vehicle transport available. You get to choose if you need your vehicle to be shifted through an enclosed or open-air trailer for your shifting needs. The open-air trailers are cheaper in expense but do not keep your asset safe from weather conditions and dust etc. For vehicle transportation enclosed trailer is advised as it keeps the vehicle completely covered and safe from any outside entities. 


Q10. Can I track my vehicle while it’s in route?

Of course, all of the good shifting companies now provide you with options for tracking your vehicle through a GPS. So you will be able to monitor the exact location of your vehicle at a particular time. There is good vehicle shifting service with tracking available that keeps you update with complete information on your vehicle location. This provides the client with complete peace of mind and you are will also be able to judge if everything is going smoothly and the time you can expect your vehicle to be delivered with ease.


Q11. How can I check the genuineness, credibility, and authenticity of packers and movers?

There are several ways that can help you in understanding the authenticity and credibility of a shifting company. You should always ask for their license and registration number. Also, ask them about the experience in the field. Additionally, you can get the list of genuine packers movers from the website of the Indian Bank Association. As they are given the certification only after the fulfill norms and criteria of the Industry. Also only enlists shifting companies that are verified so you can be sure of them being credible companies.


Q12. How can I conveniently find the best packing and moving company in my location?

One of the easiest ways of finding the best packing and moving company in your area is through a little research on the internet. You are able to see the companies providing the best packing-moving service and also with online reviews and ratings you are able to find out the credibility of the company. Additionally, you can find the best service providers on online platforms that the only list shifting companies after proper verification and background check. You are also able to get the best deals possible this way.


Q13. How can I decide, which is the best moving company? What criterions shall I consider?

You can judge a moving company on different factors that assure a safe and secure shifting. Some of these factors are the costs involved. Ask the company if there are any hidden charges. Check for online reviews and also ratings on the official website of the car-bike moving company. Also, discuss the packaging quality as well as shifting with the staff. Ask for references as well and see if they have any hesitations in providing such information. If you find all of these points positive you have a good company that you can work with.


Q14. How can I detect a fraud moving company to prevent moving scams?

One must always be very cautious while hiring a shifting company as numerous fake companies in the market can lead to scams. You should ask for the proper license number and registration number from the company. Ask if they provide insurance and try asking more questions on referrals and the years of experience they have in the field. For safe car bike shifting service, you can also go for the ones that are IBA approved. This assures that a complete background check has been done and there is nothing for you to worry about.


Q15. How can I get more and more information on the credibility of the Packing and moving company?

There are some amazing online portals like that you see for having the most detailed information regarding a shifting company. First of all only verified companies with experience are listed on the website this makes them credible and authentic. Secondly, you can take a look at the ratings and reviews online regarding the quality of packers and movers service that is available. This helps you in understanding the kind of services that the company provides and if they will be suitable for your requirements.


Q16. How can I lower the cost of my shifting?

There are several ways that you can try for lowering the shifting costs to a new city. You can choose an open trailer for your shifting or go for relocation through Indian Railways. There are affordable pricing and your vehicle is shifted with safety. Another choice for low-cost car bike shifting is through hiring a company through an online portal. They help you to get free estimates by shifting companies. That, in turn, allows you to make cost and service comparison and get high-quality services at low prices. 


Q17. How do I choose the best auto carrier service?

There is a need for keen observation and a little research for finding the best vehicle shifting service. You must ask for a license and registration number from the company. Check for the online presence and see what the customers have to say about them. The best auto carrier service should also be able to provide you information on estimates and quotes for your requirements. In India, you can also hire a company approved by the IBA as the certification is only given to companies that follow strict regulations of the industry and provide quality services.


Q18. Can we shift our Car along with household items?

Of course yes!! You can easily shit your household items and Car along with other vehicles in one shifting. The shifting company might add an extra charge depending on the weight of the vehicle. This is because car shifting with household item relocation needs additional care and the vehicle packaging will engage extra labor charges as well. Although most of the shifting companies do provide this service it is better that you consult the specific company regarding the requirement before you hire them for complete transparency and clarity on the situation.


Q19. Do I need to do anything to prepare my car for transport?

Yes, there are some important things that you should do before you give away your car for vehicle relocation. One of them is removing any important papers and documents from the car. Secondly, clean the car well while removing additional accessory that is detachable like a music player and CDs.  The car transportation checklist also includes taking pictures of the car from the interior and exterior. This will help the client to re-check the condition closely when delivered for making comparisons with the initial condition. The rest of the packaging will be done by employees.


Q20. How can I hire a car transport service from

Hiring a vehicle shifting company from is very easy. You just have to fill a simple form that is available on the website. Don’t forget to mention the date of shifting that you need. After going through your form the team will get back to you with estimates for car transport services as per your requirements. Then you get to choose the one that you find suitable for your service needs and budget. The work is done! You will soon be connected to the verified company that you look forward to hiring.


Q21. How long will it take to Transport my Household Items?

The complete time that it takes to shift your household items depends on several factors. If you are shifting locally it will take way less time when compared to inter-city or interstate relocation. Also for secure household transportation, more time is required for quality packaging so that no damage is caused while the shifting takes place. On average the shifting time can range anywhere between 2 to 5 days but there are numerous factors involved that need to be discussed with the specific shifting company as well.


Q22. On which is basis moving quotes prices are determined?

The final pricing of shifting depends on several factors. The top factors include the experience of the company. Secondly, the distance that needs to be covered, as higher the distance more will be the cost. Additionally, car-bike shifting quotes are also impacted by the kind of trailer that you need. An enclosed trailer is expensive over open-air trailers. Then the day of shifting is also important as the peak seasons are from January to July this time of the year will cost you more over other months. Also, packaging adds to the final quote. 


Q23. How long will it take to transport my car?           

The time that it takes for transporting your car depends on several factors. The major factor for this is the distance that needs to be covered. A local shifting takes way less time than one where the vehicle has to be transported to a different state. If you are searching on the internet on how to move my car fast then don’t stress as you can consult your shifting company on the time it will take for your specific needs. It can usually take from 2 to 5 days depending on the distance.


Q24. What if there is damage to my vehicle during auto transportation?

If you are hiring professional and expert shifting company for your requirements, the chances of your vehicle being damaged are negligible. Although some drastic factors like bad weather are beyond the control of any human that might lead to slight damages to the vehicle. For damage-free vehicle shifting hire a company that is IBA approved as they also provide insurance for your specific needs. Also, you can always ask for an enclosed trailer shifting, that although is slightly expensive but your vehicle remains a lot safer from any outside disturbances that might cause damage.


Q25. What is the cost of car transportation from one city to another?

The cost of shifting depends on varied factors. One of them being the distance between the two cities, and secondly the kind of services that you require. Also if you are opting for vehicle shifting with insurance this will add up to the final costs. The car transportation cost does depend on the kind of trailer that you select for car shifting as well. The packaging of the vehicle also adds to the final cost. It is best to hire a shifting company through online platforms as it helps one to get excellent shifting at reasonable prices.


Q26. What type of truck will be used to transport my car?

The kind of trucks and trailers used for car shifting are specifically built for vehicle shifting. These have broad rams that make loading of the vehicle on the trailer easier. Then the car transporters tie the vehicle with cables on the truck so that the vehicle doesn’t move from its place while being shifted. Depending on the choice of the trailer vehicle the truck can be enclosed or open and you can choose that according to your budget as the enclosed truck are slightly more expensive but are way safer.


Q27. When should I hire a car transport service?

It is recommended that you hire a shifting company at least 15 days before actual shifting. The main reason being, that booking saves an individual a lot of money.  Also, make sure that you avoid vehicle shifting from July to September as during monsoon season probability of unwanted delays due to weather and damage caused to the vehicle becomes high. Months from January to June are best for vehicle shifting and are also the peak season where the prices for shifting can go slightly high but at the same time are safe months for shifting.


Q28. How do I find car transport services at affordable prices?

You can find the vehicle shifting services at an affordable price at This works like your digital directory, where you can find verified shifting companies with relevant experience. Also, they can offer free quotes so that you can get low-cost car transportation services without even stepping out of your house. When you send your relocation requirements you get free estimates from three companies. This allows the customer to make a comparison of services and the price to be made. You can hire the best company at affordable rates in this manner.


Q29. How much time does a pre-move survey take at my home?

Shifting from one place to another is a time-consuming factor. It is advised that you hire a shifting company that has years of experience as they have expertise over all steps involved with shifting and are way faster. The time taken for a pre-move survey for any home by relocation company varies on some factors. The time for car bike shifting or house shifting pre-move survey can take on an average of three hours for your home. You can also ask your shifting company for the exact duration.


Q30. What are the general insurable items on house moving?

There are a lot of things that come under general insurable items. It is always advised that you consult your specific household shifting service provider for complete details on this. Usually, General insurable items include furniture. This means a dining table, bed, sofa, chests, study table, etc. Then some of the large electrical home appliances are also included. Like, air cooler, refrigerators, washing machine, and air conditioner. There are electrical appliances and some kitchen utilities like coffee maker, toaster and oven. Garden tools and equipment also comes under the general insurable item list. 


Q31. What are GST rates on the hiring services of packers and movers?

There are numerous expenses that one needs to think about while hiring a shifting company. These expenses will include the services being provided by the company and also an additional GST that you will have to pay the government for packers and movers service that you have taken for your needs. As per the notification by the central government, the standard GST rates for the shifting that is done locally is 5 percent.  The transit insurance has 18 percent GST and for the packers and movers, it is 18 percent. 


Q32. What are items that cannot be insured in transit or on moving home?

When you are taking assistance for your home moving service you need to keep in mind that some items can't be insured and you should take care of all of these items well on your own. These items must be packed well on your own and also carried by you or avoiding any kind of damages or loss. This includes:

  1. Items that are perishable.
  2. Any kind of jewelry.
  3. Money.
  4. Paintings and fine art.
  5. Important paperwork and documents.
  6. Glassware and collectible items.
  7. Antique wear of any type.
  8. Sports memorabilia.


Q33. What are the major services provided by professional movers and packers?

Any of the professional packers and movers will be assuring you for any type of shifting without any issues as they easily provide numerous services that are meant to cater to a wide variety of requirements. Their team is also well experienced for handling all of the good safely and soundly. Some of the major services that the professional shifting companies provide include:

1. Packers and movers.

2. Household shifting.

3. Car Carrier Services.

4. Transporters.

5. Office shifting.

6. Warehouse and storage services.

Depending on the specific shifting company that you are consulting these services can vary. 


Q34. What is moving insurance?

The moving insurance of a company protects the goods that are being shifted while it's on the route for shifting.  This can also be temporary storage or trailer. It is vital to have moving insurance by a car moving service providers as even the best-shifting companies that have been careful might face natural disasters, bad weather conditions, accidents, and even theft. These things might happen and the insurance is made in a way that will be covering all of the goods and your vehicle or shifting as well. Consult your relocation company for moving insurance for specific details.


Q35. What are the benefits of hiring professional packers and movers?

When it comes to the benefits of hiring professionals for your vehicle shifting needs, the list is endless. These companies take care of all of the work-related to shifting. Once you hire the best packers and movers they discuss the entire shifting with you and get approval. Then they pack the items for vehicle shifting in the right manner. They also use specialized tools and techniques for handling the belongings well while they are being loaded on the trailer. Finally, they provide a secure and safe vehicle shifting with a doorstep delivery.


Q36. What is the cost affecting factors that influence packers and movers charges in India?

When it comes to the final a Car packers and movers charges there are so many factors that affect it. The experienced and top-rated companies do charge a bit more as they have made their name for providing quality services. Secondly, the distance that needs to be covered for the shifting is vital, the higher the distance more will be the final cost. Then there are additional costs involved for specific services that one opts. This includes packaging by professionals and also the type of transportation that you choose. 


Q37. What do I do if I don't like the services of a relocation service I choose?

One of the best recommendations for not falling in for situations is by hiring a company that is verified and has a good reputation. When you hire car or bike relocation service providers without any kind of proper research you can even fall for a trap of being scammed as several fake companies are operating as well. In case you have any issues that you are facing with the team of shifting company you can always complain to the manager on the issue that you are having and it will be solved instantly.


Q38. What do I have to do, if for some reason I have to change my relocation date?

In case you haven’t hired a company yet, you can easily change the date of relocation and ask for the new quotes by the shifting company with ease. But in case you have already hired vehicle relocation service and you still want to change the date there might be some additional costs involved that you will have to pay. This is because the shifting company also has to make arrangements accordingly that costs them money like arranging trailer vehicle, driver and other shifting requirements.


Q39. What is the most appropriate time to relocate?

The appropriate time for your specific shifting depends completely on your requirements, service preference and budget. If you want to save some money, hiring a vehicle relocation service during the monsoon and winter months can assist. Then if you need your vehicle to be safe and not risk any chances of damages due to bad weather summers is the best time and months from January to June are perfect for such shifting. Then again when it comes to the day of shifting, choosing a weekday can cost you less than the weekends as shifting companies do have a higher booking rate at the time.


Q40. What time it requires to get free quotations from Packersmovers?     

All of the good companies are more than happy to provide a potential client with free estimates for their specific requirements. When you ask specific packers and movers for quotes, they might take anywhere from 24 hours to up to 2 days for the information. When you request packers movers quotation through you get instant quotes. Not only this, you get competitive quotes from the top 3 companies. This allows you to make a comparison and narrow down your choice depending on the budget that you have and the service quality that you are looking for. 


Q41. What type of containers will be used to transport?

Professional shifting companies make use of specialized containers and trailers made for vehicle relocation safely and securely. The kind of container that your car bike transportation service will use also depends on the kind of vehicle that's being shifted. For example, as per your requirement, you can send a car in a 20ft container to a 40 ft container. As per the vehicle size, it can adjust one or two cars. Then the 40 ft container has the capacity of fitting in three to four cars or more number of smaller vehicles.


Q42. Which is the best day for the house moving?

Usually, the best day for house shifting is Friday. The reason being the weekend time will allow you to take care of a lot of work without any stress. Secondly, the household packers movers team can be supervised by you at all times. Then finally the best day for house moving also depends on your individual preferences and situations. At times this also depends on the slot availability of the company. Regardless of the day of shifting, make sure that you are hiring a good company that will give you quality services and the pleasant experience of working with them.


Q43. Why do I need insurance if everything is packed professionally?

Any good shifting company uses high-quality packaging material for vehicle shifting. But there is always a probability of some unforeseen circumstances that can lead to some damages or theft. This is where car shifting insurance holds amazing importance. In case of any damages caused due to bad weather conditions, accidents or theft you will be able to get complete reimbursement from the bank if you have insurance done. This gives you complete peace of mind and you won't be in any kind of financial loss in such probabilities. 


Q45. Why should I hire a company of packers and movers when moving from one home to another?

There are some important reasons as to why one must hire packers and movers company while shifting from one home to another. Firstly they take care of the entire household packing. They have an efficient team that uses quality packaging material that makes sure that all of the goods are transported safely. Secondly, as they have the expertise in handling all aspects of shifting you save a lot of time and the delivery is done within the time allotted giving the client peace of mind.


Q46. Why should I hire a Scoorty transport service from

There are so many benefits of hiring professional car shifting services for your needs Through Firstly, you can hire IBA approved Scooty transporters and they plan the entire shifting and get your approval. Secondly, these companies are verified and have an amazing team that will handle the vehicle well, using special tools so that the car remains damage-free until deliver. The car transport servicealso includes insurance, so in case of any kind of damages being caused, you will be able to get full reimbursements making sure that there are no financial losses that you will need to bear.