Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How to choose the best transporter to shift Car, Bike or Household?

If you are looking for transportation services in India, there are some simple guidelines that you can follow to select the best transporter for shifting car, bike, and household.  You can always ask for the transportation services for the insurance.  Although it's a rare accident or damage might occur and you can be relaxed if the transportation service does offer insurance. Also be clear on the scheduling and delivery option before hiring any company. With proper planning and research, it is easy to choose the best transporter company.


Q2. I want to know the cost for shifting?

You must ask for an absolutely free non-obligatory quote before you hire a packer and mover company. Every reliable company will be more than happy to do so, after analyzing your requirements and specifications. A company that offers insurance might charge a little bit more, so don’t forget to ask about that as well. You must also make it a point to ask beforehand if there are any hidden charges that might be needed to be paid later.


Q3. How my days will take to transport my vehicle?

After you hire a shifting company, the vehicle is usually picked up with 2-5 days. The transport company will give you an estimation of the delivery time according to the normal drive time it takes. According to the different variable that is involved like, weather conditions, distance to be covered and traffic it usually takes a time of two days to up to a week for your vehicle to reach the specified destination.


Q4. Check List - Preparation I need to do before I transport my vehicle?

There are simple steps you need to follow before you transport your vehicle:

  • Wash your vehicle exterior.
  • Do a complete vehicle inspection and look around for any dents, scratches or paint chips that the vehicle already has.
  • You can take pictures of your vehicles from different angles.
  • Check for battery, tire pressure etc.
  • Any removable part from the exterior of the vehicle has to be removed and personal items have to be taken out.
  • Lock the vehicle.


Q5. Are there chances that may delay the shifting?

Usually, the shifting service is done in the estimated time. Especially you have hired a transportation vehicle specifically dedicated for your work; such delays do not happen ninety percent of the times. In rare situations like and weather conditions that block the way sometimes or an accident might delay shifting.  You can always ask the transport company about their policies in situations like these before hiring them.


Q6. What if there is damage during the transportation?

You as a consumer always have the choice of hiring a company that also offers insurance for goods and vehicles at the time of shifting. In case there is any damage that occurs at the time of transportation you will receive an amount from the company. For avoiding any kind of disputes related to lose or damage during the transportation process, be clear beforehand about insurance policies and only go ahead with the company when you are satisfied.


Q7. Does take responsibility of safe transportation?

Although we try our best to connect you to the best transportation companies in the countries that are verified and offer good quality services with security. does not hold any responsibility for safe transportation. We only help you to get in touch with the best companies; the selection choice is up to the consumer.