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Our site consists of content that we create and our partners or licensors, associate creators as well as content that our users create. All of the content published on this website that includes promotional inquiry, advertisements, graphics, logos, images, audio and video clips, photographs and animations have been protected by our trademarks and copyrights. You are not allowed to copy, publish, distribute, modify, reproduce or publicly perform or display in any way any of the content from our site.  In case you want to request permission for the usage of any of the content on the site, please review our notice on copyright.


  • Our website also consists of contents that we create and content provided by third parties. It includes reviews, contents, white papers and other data that might be necessary.  It also contains information on services and products offered by various companies like descriptions, availability, and performance. We don't guarantee on the integrity, accurateness, value of the content or services on our sites, and you might not trust any of this content. Without constraints, we shall not be responsible for the content contributed by the user or the posts by them in opinion, feedback or message board on any section of our website.


  • On the rare occasion you might be exposed to content that you might find to be offensive, obscene, inaccurate, racial and objectionable and you bear all of the risks associated with using such content.  We do have a right but are not obligated for removal of any such content that might in our lone carefulness violate these terms or content that is objectionable otherwise.


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  • The extent of the posts, uploads contents or submissions through or on this website, you are agreeing to be true, precise and inclusive information and refraining from mimicking or representing the information falsely with any entity, person or third party. You hold complete responsibility for all of the content that you are providing or making it available through the website. 


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Unless it has been specifically specified otherwise, our company offers you access to this site only for personal information and cannot be used commercially. You agree for access or use of the website only for legal uses that are permitted by the terms of use provided.


General Terms & Conditions of Use


Liability of the Company:

You understand and agree that our company is not responsible for any kind of damage to goods or vehicles before, after or during relocation. Our company Spun Technosoft Services LLP (www.movecarbike.in) is in the business of lead generation and shall be providing only the contact details of service providers to you. We provide your inquiry to service providers and then deal is between you and the transport company.

We have no legal liability for any damage or loss of goods that have been transported by third-party partnered with the company. The agreement for shifting is signed only by you and the third party connected with the company. We don’t take any responsibility on behalf of the third party. Our sole responsibility ends the moment the company gets you in touch with the transporter for your requirements.


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You understand and agree expressly that your use and trust on any or all of the companies’ service or content is your sole risk. The company takes no responsibility of the correctness, appropriateness, completeness or veracity of the content or the services.


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The use of this term is governed by Law state of Haryana, India. There is no regard to conflict of laws principles. You hereby give us the consent to the all inclusive jurisdiction and court venue sitting in the Indian state of Haryana. For all disputes that arise because of or in relation with this website. The use and access of this website is prohibited and considered unauthorized in any jurisdiction that doesn’t effect to all provisions of the terms and conditions.



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