5 Things You Need to Know about Shift Bike by Train from Hyderabad

A lot of people are looking forward to a secure and reliable method by which they will be able to shift for long distances. In case you have made up your mind for moving to a different city the best way is to hire a bike shifting service by train from Hyderabad. This makes sure that you don’t face any issues along the way and relocate your vehicle with ease. Regardless of the distance that needs to be covered or the harsh terrain, Indian Railways can do the work for you and this is certainly the right solution. A lot of bike transporters in Hyderabad also offer services for bike shifting through the train and you can always go for that option as well.

In case you do want to shift your bike soon, there is some important information that you should be aware of so that you there is no probability of making an error. Here we have the 5 Things You Need to Know about Shift Bike by Train from Hyderabad:

1- Visit the railway station:

You need to check out the railway station near your house. This is where you will be able to get all of the services for shifting your bike as parcel or luggage. While you are there go to the parcel counter and get the detailed information on the charges involved for transporting bike from Hyderabad via train. Also, ask for the delivery details.

2- Submission time:

Now you also need to submit a photocopy of the bike registration certificate and also a copy of your ID proof. Don’t forget to carry the original copy of the ID and other documents as it will be needed during the verification process.

3- Inspection time:

After the fuel tank has been inspected, the bike is ready to be packed. This is also where you can take the assistance of bike transport service in Hyderabad via train that makes sure that your vehicle is packed only with high-quality packaging material and hence your vehicle is not at all damaged while shifting takes place.

4- Destination details:

Once the vehicle is packed all of the information needs to be filled regarding the recipient address and be careful when you do so. The engine number, vehicle insurance, etc. also need to be entered and the information should be accurate and precise.

5- When reaching the destination:

After the vehicle is shifted to the desired city, the receiver has to themselves identify the vehicle and also submit the required paperwork like registration and the insurance papers. This work can only be done in the office timings so remember that while you visit the station.

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You can also hire professionals that will handle all of this work for you as well. This means that they will pick your bike from home, handle all of the paperwork and deliver at the required destination address. It makes the process so much easier and at MoveCarBike.in you will be able to receive the best deals as well.