Checklist While Handing Over your Car for Relocation from One City to Another

For carrying out daily activities, your car is certainly one of the most important things that you use extensively. People invest a lot of their hard earned money when they buy a car that fits their requirements. So you might have been living in a city for the past few years but now are looking forward to shifting for maybe a new job or any other reason. But have you given thought yet how will this shifting be done? We understand that a lot of people love driving regardless if the distance to be covered is small or large. All that people care about is going on a fascinating journey and can be a pleasurable trip for the loved ones as well. It can be your passion that you don’t want to get detached from and have held it with you for years.


But there is an important question that we would like to ask you. Is it wise to travel a far away location on your own? Some of you might answer yes to it, but we think otherwise. It is not a very practical thing to do as there are some serious issues that one might face.


In case of moving to long distances, there is a chance of bumping in with some foul-mouthed people, that does happen a lot of times and the situation can turn messy that might spoil the mood.  There are always bad weather conditions that can change without a prior warning and will leave you without any help in the middle of the road. Don’t you feel a wiser idea will be to hire professional Car Packers movers for carrying out the task? Certainly, it is, good packer and Mover Company will take complete responsibility for your vehicle and will handle the vehicle well so that it reaches its location wisely.


However, there are certain things that you should keep in mind more of a checklist for car-bike shifting that you should keep in mind before you give away your precious car to the company for the relocation:

Remove Everything from your Car:

It is important that all items including music system, GPS, seat covers, antenna etc are removed from your vehicle. All of these are detachable items and there are chances of theft that can occur while the vehicle is being shifted.


Double Check the Tyre Pressure and Fluid Levels:

Never forget to charge a car battery and check for all the fluid and air pressure in the tyre a day before and then again on the day of shifting. In case there is any kind of leakage, get it repaired as soon as possible. In case the tire pressure is low, during the shifting process they can deflate.


Complete Research should be done:

You must ensure that the car carrier company that you have been dealing with us IBA approved or not. IBA approved Packers movers provide much better transportation services and also offer insurance for your vehicle. Also, you must ask for quotes from different companies so that you can make a comparison in the prices and services and make an informed decision for safe and timely delivery of your vehicle to the destination. Another important point is to ask for proper paperwork when it comes to the services and prices they are providing. Don’t rely on anything verbal as it can backfire a lot of times.



So above mentioned points is a checklist that you should keep in mind while handing over your car for relocation from one city to another.