Five Tips to Prepare your Luxury Car for Relocation to another Metro city

Have you been trying to relocate from one place to another? You might be trying to move your luxury vehicle as well.  Of course, you might be considering driving it yourself but it’s not a safe option. This will surely be too tiring as well and when you see price wise it is also an expensive affair.  It is best that for Luxury car relocation in India you hire a professional shifting company as they provide the best services for your vehicle moving requirements.

Some of the Luxury cars like BMW, Audi, etc are expensive and a valuable possession and it is important that one does not compromise on the security when the vehicle is being moved from one place to another. Additionally, before you select an auto carrier service in the country you must make some preparations so that your car is delivered to the location with complete safety and on time.

1. Find the best Car carriers in Metros like Delhi, Mumbai:

For this, you need to keep your research game at the top. The company should be a reputed on and the best idea is to go with the one that has been approved by the IBA. You can also find excellent companies that provide luxury vehicle shifting only at

2. Carefully inspect if there are any kind of pre-existing damages:

This is crucial before you are handing over your car to any vehicle relocation company. Check for any kind of damages and scratches that your vehicle already has. You will need to wash and clean the car well, for accurate judgment of the current car condition. This is going to help at the time of vehicle delivery, to check for any new damages that might have occurred while the shipment took place.

3. Empty the car and remove all objects that are valuable:

Make sure that you are removing any kind of personal items or valuable objects before the vehicle is handed over to the company. Remove any kind of important documents, music system or any removable accessory there might be. This will ensure that nothing gets lost or stolen. The shifting companies also don’t accept vehicle shifting that has other things inside.

4. Check for any kind of internal mechanical issues:

For Sports car relocation this is another step. In a situation where there is a need for regular maintenance that needs to be done, just ensure that it is performed before you shift your vehicle. All of these internal problems can include oil leakages, brakes that are not working properly or the car battery is not performing.Also, your car tank should be filled at least one fourth while the shipment is taking place. This will help with a faster movement of the vehicle while it gets delivered at your doorstep.

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5. Anti-theft system has to be disabled:

Any alarm or anti-theft systems have to be disabled.  As while shifting the battery will be wearing out.