How to Find Genuine Car Bike Relocation Company in India

Choosing a car or a bike relocation company in India is much more of a task than a few Google searches. Due to in-job transfers and company relocation, people have to shift their entire lives at a different place, their vehicles included. Thus, to ensure the safe transportation of their vehicles at the desired destination. It is mandatory to opt for a vehicle relocation company that is genuine. But how do individuals differentiate legit companies from non-legit ones? To ease your worries, we have compiled some tips that can come in handy while choosing a genuine car or bike relocation company in India. So, if you are still wondering how to find car moving company, let’s dive into the details.

Industry Experience

Even though this is not the sole criteria for evaluating a company. The more the experience the better are the chances of impeccable genuine services. Find out for how many years the vehicle shifting packers movers have been a part of the industry. Even though new companies can fare well if the workers are skilled and willing to learn new techniques. But when you have narrowed down your options, it is a wise move to opt for a company with more practical experience over a newbie.

Client Feedback

One of the most reliable sources of finding out whether a company is genuine or not is feedback from real clients. You can check out client testimonials online or ask the company to provide you the contact details of other clients. There are websites that provide unbiased reviews of various companies. You can browse through them for double checking the information. If the previous clients have any warnings to provide, take them seriously.

IBA Approval

The IBA website consists of a complete list of companies providing car relocation in India. If you have narrowed down your options, check whether they are IBA approved. If you are just beginning your search you can directly download the list of approved vehicle relocation companies.

Manpower and Equipment

Firm manpower and flawless modern equipment are a must for the safe and secure transportation of your vehicles. Before choosing the best car transportation company in India. Make sure that they have exemplary provisions of moving, loading and unloading all your stuff. The tactful combination of state of the art equipment and trained professionals is a critical aspect while opting for a car and bike moving company in India.

No Obligation Quotes

The biggest trait of an unprofessional vehicle moving company is when they are hesitant to provide a no-obligation quote. A genuine car moving company would be more than happy to provide potential clients with free shifting quotes or competitive no obligation quotes.

Bottom line, when you are in the process of finalising a bike or car relocation company for carrying out your vehicle moving tasks, makes sure you perform in-depth research and keep all the above-mentioned factors in mind.