How to Get Affordable and Reliable Car Transport Services in India?

Moving is stressful, be it due to personal reasons or something related to work. From shifting goods to setting up life at a new place, there are enough things to worry about. However, the most worrisome question is definitely related to car carrier transport. We love our cars and thus want nothing but the best service for it. Helping you to get the best automobile transport carriers, we strive to make your vehicle shifting a walk in the park. Here is a few things that you can do to get a reliable and affordable car transport service in India.

IBA approved packers and movers

This point cannot be over emphasised. IBA approval is a necessary condition for you to get choose any of the car transport companies near me. However, it is not a sufficient condition. You still have to look for customer feedback and Google reviews of the company before taking any final decision. The bigger and more experienced the company, the better.


Your regular insurance for the car does not cover it while under transit. So make sure to get a transit insurance policy to safeguard against any losses. You can obtain one from an online portal or ask your packer and mover to do it for you.

Prepare your car

Once you have selected the company and opted for insurance, it is time to prepare your car for handing over to car transporters in India. For that, you need to get your car washed, remove personal items from the car and also remove the fuel. Ask your packer and mover if they want you to comply with other regulations. Your insurance will not cover the loss of personal belongings or any accessories.


The better you can negotiate, chances are that the better deal you will get. Let us give you one pro tip here. Even if you are sure about getting vehicle shifting service from a particular company, do not let yourself show it. Keep them guessing and try to negotiate the best deal with them. A good negotiation can bring down packers and movers car transportation cost considerably.

Documents and paperwork

Do not leave any paper just because your packer and mover tells you so. Keep your papers ready, make sure to pay the applicable tax and ask for the original receipt from your service provider.

Finding a reliable car shifting services in India is not a problem anymore. All you need to do is come visit our website. MOVECARBIKE is an online directory that lets you connect with the best car transport service in India. Fill an inquiry form on our website to get 3-4 competitive quotes from the best in the business.

Whether you are looking for car transport by train, trucks or trailers, these companies will arrange it for you. All these companies are IBA approved and so you can put your faith in them. We too have thoroughly vetted these companies before listing them with us.

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