How to Hire the Best Car Packers & Movers in Delhi in the Budget?

Packing and relocating your vehicle can be a tedious task but you can make it easy by opting for right car packers & movers in Delhi. This will make your work much easier, but hiring the right company is important so today we would like to give some tips to do so.

  • Make a list:

Search online and make a list of all car packers and movers in your area for shifting cars from Delhi. Check online reviews of these companies and screen out the one with good credentials. Then narrow down to 10 companies.

  • Get the quote:

Vehicle transport rates vary from company to company, so narrowing down makes it easier to compare. Make sure you have a clear idea about everything for car shifting in Delhi including the fee, and making sure there is no hidden cost involved. Finally after screening out 10 companies, talk to them about your requirements in details get quotes from all 10 of them and ask if you can get a concession on quotes.

You can also get free quotes from top companies only through

Points to consider for choosing a transport service

Keep in mind while hiring that the car relocating service in Delhi provider should be able to:

  • It covers insurance on understandable terms and conditions:

Your normal car insurance might have limited or no cover if you are transporting your car out of the country so your transport company must have sufficient insurance coverage. Review the insurance documents beforehand to find out precisely what all the things it covers during the shipment. If it’s not sufficient for you then ask them how you can increase the cover. It might cost a bit but it would be worth it for your peace of mind. Only after all this select your service provider.

  • Enclosed car carrier:

Try choosing an enclosed carrier service if you have a new or luxurious car. A little expensive than an open car carrier but certainly more secure and safer for your cars, however, for old cars, you can ask for open carrier services from car transporters in Delhi as this is an affordable option.

  • Auto terminals:

is a cheaper way if time is not a problem for you as they transport only after a certain number of cars are loaded on them.

  • Get the agreement:

Once you have finalized your service provider, get all details in an agreement form in hard or soft copy as per your convenience. This will make you safe from any manipulation. If they are not willing to do so try to negotiate with them or else change your service provider. This will also give you an idea for car carrier charges from Delhi NCR for the final pricing.

  • Check for cancellation policy:

Be sure to check that your selected company has clear and acceptable cancellation policies. Under unavoidable circumstances, if you change your relocation idea, make sure you don’t pay a heavy amount for canceling your order.

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Using a reliable budget-friendly packer and mover will ensure your car’s security and safety but also save time and money. Just remember to opt for a dependable company at a reasonable price. You can also ask some experienced friends for guidance.