How to Transport Car and Bike by Train, Process & Charges?

Most of us love to drive to fool around for hours but when you are moving to a different city / state, you will need a good transport company. Now, if you are looking for cheaper, simpler and less complicated ways, you should definitely know about the process of bike shifting by train. Here we have mentioned how to transport car and bike by train, process & charges. Transportation by railway is less expensive than shipping via roads. Here are some must know if you are considering this method: 

Car and Bike Transport Process

Indian Railways is biggest train network and main mode of transportation for luggage. You can also opt for bike transport by train. So, if you are wondering how to transport a vehicle on a train, here are the key points. To apply for train transportation, you again have 2 options, luggage or parcel. If you want to carry your vehicle with you, it goes in the luggage criteria while in a parcel form it will be dropped off at the designated location minus you being there to check on it. Whatever method you choose, there are certain documents that are required. These include: 

  • Government-issued ID proof
  • Registration Certification of the bike. RC must bear the same name as the ID proof.
  • Photocopy of bike insurance paper
  • Reservation Ticket

Moreover, you also cannot transport the vehicle without insurance. 

Car and Bike Transportation Cost and Charges

Indian Railways is one of the most common approaches for luggage transportation with the railway transport charges ranging according to the weight of your vehicle. You can also know more about this on MoveCarBike. Car transportation charges by Indian railway or bike transport charges by the same differ a lot. While selecting a mode, do keep in mind that car transport charges by train in India are still cheaper than other modes of transportation offered. 

Additional Rules by Authorities 

The petrol tank should be emptied before it is delivered. You can get a fine of 1000 if the rule is not adhered to. In some cases, legal actions are taken which result in 6 months of imprisonment. Bike engine and chassis number should be put in the registration. 

  • If your bike is lost in an accident, the railway will pay you the amount declared. 
  • If the designated station is not possible for you, it can be changed to the nearest option. 

While it’s understandable that people might be a little hesitant to leave their prized possessions in unknown hands. It is assured that Indian Railways are a good option to consider for transportation, especially in cases of car transport charges, which as mentioned are cheaper than other options. The authorities concerned try their level best to make the experience as comfortable and simple as it can be. From rules to different methods offered, it is getting better and better. If you are one of the people looking for cheap and safe delivery for your vehicle, railways will be your best choice. We are sure above mentioned articles complete all the details about how to transport car and bike bike train, process & charges.

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