How to Transport Your Car and Bike to a New City

We all think that relocating to a new city is exciting. However, the truth is that just the thought of leaving your city make you sad. While planning to shift to a new city, what horrifies us is the packing of all your belongings. It is a stressful task but when it comes to vehicle (car and bike) shifting, you need to hire the best car transport service in India.

Prior to shifting, you need to manage with several tasks like hunting for the best transport service, sorting them out, getting quotes from them, and lot more. You need to check whether the bike and car shifting company is registered or not to know about their trustworthiness.

Below mentioned are few tips to move your vehicle to a new city:

Choose the Correct Service Provider

If you need to shift your car to another city, then make sure that it is a reliable car shifting Service Company. Professional car packers and movers offers two kinds of services.

  • Either the use open-air trailer
  • Or they opt for an enclosed truck

Opt for the car transport service according to the shape and size of the vehicle and also the distance. Get car transport charges from the company for these services and then make a final decision after evaluation.

Vacant the Vehicle

Whichever vehicle you are transporting to another city, you need to empty and clean it up completely. If not done, your vehicle will weigh heavier. For instance, if you are shifting a bike by bus or bike transport by train is done you need to take out all things out as the things inside may get damaged during the journey. On the other hand, if you are shifting within the state, then bike transport by road is feasible.

Test Out if any Leaks

Before the loading of vehicle in the moving truck, just cross-check the undercarriage for any leaks, And, if there is then repair it before the vehicle is relocated.

Examine the Vehicle

It is mandatory that you examine your vehicle properly. Check for scratches or damages if any. Take pictures to have a proof of your vehicle’s condition. Note down if there is any mechanical damage or else get it repaired. Check the insurance policies of the vehicle because if your vehicle is damaged during the journey, you can claim the amount.


Are you planning to relocate to a new city, Then, MoveCarBike, a trustworthy car and bike transport service company is at your fingertips. Just follow the above tips and make your relocation easier. We are always there to match your requirements and hand over your vehicle safely. Keep your stress aside and hire us for all your shifting needs!