How to Transport your car from Hyderabad to Delhi in lock down?

2020 was a rude shock for everyone. It was a year full of doom and gloom and we know how difficult it was for everyone. Though it was necessary, the lockdown was the most testing part. Restricted in the four walls of our own homes is not a pretty picture and we all faced it.

 Are you looking for a car transport services in Hyderabad at this point? We are sure it has not been easy for you to find a transport company. However, we are here to let you in on the secret of getting car packers and movers in Hyderabad without breaking a sweat. Let us join hands and ace your car transportation.

How to find Car Transport Services?

First of all, let us tell you that you do not have to go anywhere to get vehicle shipping from Hyderabad. Yes, that is true. Vehicle shipping companies will come to you. All you have to do is go to online stores that offer their interface for people looking for packers and movers. There you can fill in a quotation form giving in the details of your requirement.

These online stores have ties with IBA approved car transporters in Hyderabad. These car transporters will back to you with their quotes. You can choose one based on their services, reviews and car transport cost.

What to look for and what to avoid?

Services like door to door car shipping is a must and you should definitely choose a company that offers it. Also, check if the company that you have chosen is IBA approved or not. IBA approved packers and movers are trust worthy and thus make your shifting seamless.

Shipping my car from Hyderabad to Delhi NCR or to other places can be achieved in two modes. First, you can get the transportation via road and second, vehicle transport by train from Hyderabad. You can choose any of these and ask your car carrier company to do the same.

Next comes the insurance part. Getting insurance for transit is very important and you should never skip it. It protects your car from damages during transit and while loading or unloading the vehicle. Get insurance from an online store after comparing prices and features.

Now comes the documents part. Keep all the documents like RC, PUC, and insurance ready. Also, pre-wash your car and note down any dents that you see. This will be very helpful in finding out the damages, if any, during the transit. You can also click pictures of your car for future reference.

Last but not the least, you should not leave any personal items in your car and if possible remove all the accessories that you have in your car. The insurance does not cover these items. So it is better to pack these stuff and take them with you.


Corona or no corona, moving from one place to another has never been easy. There is so much to pack, so much work to do and there is so much that we have to leave behind. Car and bikes are one of the high value items that we own and shifting these from one state to another is a task in itself.

Car shifting from Hyderabad or any city has always giving headaches to people. However, following these simple steps, you can ensure that your car is safely transported from one place to another. We hope that we have answered all your questions. So get to the task of finding the best car carrier in Hyderabad. Do not forget to ask your service provider to disinfect your car after transportation.

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