The Ultimate Guide to Transport Bike by Train in India

Are you are shifting to a new city, and wish to take your vehicle along? Gone are the days when you had to stand in the long queue for permissions. Indian railways have made bike transport by train in India or transport by car by train in India a zippy process. Transport of bike is way cheaper and safer in comparison to any other mode of transportation like transport bike by bus or private companies. If you are thinking about how much it costs to shift bike in train? Then do not worry as bike shifting services by train charges are nominal for transferring from one city to another, and there is no fuel cost.

Maximum people do not know about the transportation services that railways offer. You can not only transport 2 wheeler by train. There are facilities for car transport by train in India too. You can call the railways and ask about how to transport a bicycle in train / can we transport car by train in India and they would clarify.

Methods of Bike Transport by Train-How to Move Bike by Train?

Let’s, discuss how to transport bike by train and the procedure is the same for how to transport car by train in India. ? If you want bike transport from Bangalore to Bhubaneswar by train then there are two ways. One is to send your bike through parcel or take it along as luggage.

Bike Transport as Luggage

For your vehicle transport by train as luggage, you need to first have a confirmed ticket booking. Check availability, can we transport bike by train? The booking of your vehicle transport by train in India should be done 2 days in advance from the date of travel.

A confirmed ticket and documents of your vehicle are required. Fill out the form and pay bike transport by train fare to the officials. The receipt is needed while picking back your bike.

Bike transportation by the train as the parcel

How to book bike transport by train by parcel? Do not worry it is the easiest way. For bike parcel by train booking, go to the parcel office on the railways a day before the day of departure. The bike relocation by train price as the parcel is cheapest amongst all modes. With this method, you do not need to travel along.

Bike transport by Train-List of Documents required:

  1. Government ID proof.
  2. Bike registration certificate matching your ID proof.
  3. Insurance papers for your Bike.
  4. A confirmed train ticket (in case of transport it as a luggage).
  5. Copies of all documents.

Advantages of Bike Transportation by Trains


Vehicle transportation is very costly, people have a set budget and at times they fall for fake companies and then end up spending more.  Vehicle transport by railway is the most affordable. Bike or Car transportation charges by Indian railways are way less.


Railways is providing quality services for relocation and there are rare delays, it saves a lot of time, as it delivers in minimum time.

Trustworthy with zero damages

The train compartment is enclosed, ensuring complete safety of your vehicle and no stress of bad weather conditions.

Vehicle shifting whether it is bike or car transport charges by train in India is pocket-friendly; anyone can avail of the services.

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