Things Should Take Care During Car Transportation from Nagpur?

Transporting your car from Nagpur to a new destination can be achieved in two ways. First, you can drive it yourself all the way to the new city. Second, you can hire a car transport service in Nagpur and get your car transported while you relax. Even the car transport companies offer vehicle transport by train and by trucks. It is a wise choice to trust the professionals handle shifting for you. You are just at the right place if you have been looking to get your car transported by the experts.

From car transport cost to the best tips while opting for a car transportation service in Nagpur, we are here to help you with everything. Let us dive into and look for things that you should take care of while getting vehicle shipping from Nagpur.

6 tips to Ace Car Transportation from Nagpur

1. Find a Trusted Car carrier

Yeah, this is a no brainer. But many people just overlook this simple point. Your car is valuable and you should definitely put in some effort to make sure that you choose the best car transporters in Nagpur. MOVECARBIKE helps you get in touch with the best players in the field. Then you can compare their services and prices to choose one.

2. Negotiate

By negotiate, we do not mean to haggle to reduce the price. However, you can surely get a better deal by negotiating for better services. Premium packing to door to door car shipping, there are a lot of services that your transport company can offer you.

3. Preparation Part

You are not planning to just hand over your car to car packers and movers in Nagpur, are you? Wash your car before beginning the process. Why you ask? Because dirt and grease can hide dents. So get your car washed, make notes, and take pictures. That way you can keep track of any damages that have occurred during the transit.

4. No Objection Certificate

Yes, you need to get one from the registration office where your vehicle is registered. You can continue to drive your car in the new city without this certificate for one year. But after that, you need to have a no objection certificate and then you need to get the car registered in the new city. Please note that you will have to do this only if you are relocating to a new state.

5. Empty the Fuel Tank

It is not like they are going to drive your car to the city. A huge truck belonging to the vehicle shipping companies will offer your sweet car a nice lift and that is how your car will end up at your new home. Plus no fuel means lower chances of fire.

6. Remove Valuables

Remove any kind of irrelevant document, personal articles, or valuables before handing over your car to the car carrier in Nagpur. Now you do not need to keep wondering if they will steal your valuables.


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