What is the Cost of Transporting a Car in India?

Are you looking forward to getting your favorite car shifted to a new place? Don’t worry. Instead, try to hire professionals for the work. If you like we can connect you to some of the best vehicle shifting services in the country. We will assist you so that you are able to hire the best company that can shift your vehicle to any part of the country with complete security. A lot of people wonder what might be the estimated cost of transporting a car in India. The costs involved vary on a number of factors like distance to be covered etc. It can get a bit expensive hence it is always advised to consult two to three service providers and ask for quotes so that you can decide on the service you require and a price that fits your budget.


Car Transport Service Cost in India

The correct estimation of the total costs that will be involved for your specific requirement is going to depend on the total kilometers of distance, the weight of the vehicle, insurance by the company and the kind of carrier you choose for the transportation. Usually, the shipping prices can be range between INR 10,000 to around INR 60,000 if the distance covered is from 400 to 3000 km.  You can also go for complete plans that some Car carriers in India offer for shorter distances that can range anywhere from INR 6000 to INR 10,000 in case you require shifting services intra-city. 


How can we help to get the best quotes for your car shifting requirements?

You just have to follow simple steps and we will get back to you with some of the most competitive quotes from verified companies:

Step 1:

Tell us about your shifting plan. Our team is going to analyze the complete requirements and find the best service providers that will be able to match your shifting needs.

Step 2:

 You will get complete information on quotes and other details from the top companies.

Step 3:

Now you can hire a company that is offering the best services and can offer a customized plan for your shifting needs and in a budget that fits you.


How can you save money while transporting a car in India?

The cost involved in shifting the car is the first question that pops up in peoples mind. The transportation mode, company offering the service, distance etc contribute to the variation to the pricing. But as a shifting a car can be expensive it is always a good idea that one can think of some better ways to save some money. The best advice is to never consult just one service provider. Contact a number of agencies that are verified and ask for non-obligatory quotes. If you can try to negotiate a bit just make sure this doesn’t compromise with the services being offered.


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