What to Do after shift car or bike from Gurgaon to a New State?

When you decide to shift your vehicle from Gurgaon to a different city, one thing is for sure that it won’t be an easy task. Of course, you must take the help of professional bike shifting services in Gurgaon as they make the work a lot easier as you have so much other work to do in case you are relocating your home as well.

Is vehicle relocation difficult that household shifting?

A question can arise in people’s mind from time to time if the shifting of the vehicle is actually tedious than shifting household shifting. The fact is that this is true. The main reason being that you can’t pack your vehicle as easily as you can pack your household products. And this also makes car & bike shifting company in Gurgaon tougher to achieve. A lot of people also think of driving the vehicle themselves to the destination city. But this is not a good idea as the probability of facing damages while shifting to longer distances goes way higher.

So how does one shift their vehicle from Gurgaon to a different state without facing damages?

Of course, vehicle shifting does seem a frightening task for a lot of people as they are tensed about the safety of their expensive vehicle. And this is where taking help of the best car packers & movers in Gurgaon has crucial importance. They are able to handle all of the steps involved with vehicle shifting with high efficiency. Also, their team packs the vehicle with at least three layers of high-quality packaging which keeps it safe form any kind of damages that otherwise might occur during shifting.

What to do after the vehicle is shifted to the new state?

After car shifting in Gurgaon is completed by the shifting companies that you hire form MoveCarBike.in in a safe manner you will have to register your vehicle in the new state. This is a law by the government of India and is required so that it becomes clear regarding the ownership of the vehicle. This also assists with lawfully taxing the vehicle owners. All of the vehicles that have been associated with the registration number and proper license are issued at RTO that is present at the district levels of the state. 

The need for re-registration of the vehicle:

 When you have successfully shifted your vehicle to another state and you want to use it for over one year after that you do need to get the re-registration of the vehicle done for the new state. Accordingly, you will also have to pay the road tax again and this completely depends on the vehicle depreciated value. This also allows you to get reimbursement for the tax that you had paid in the state before when you submit the road tax receipt. After this, all of the new regulations will have to be followed by the vehicle owner.