Why IBA Approved Car Packers Movers are better than General ones?

If you are looking for Car Transportation Companies in India one of the best ways to get your work done is through IBA approved packers Movers. For people, those are not aware IBA (Indian banks association) offers the list of numerous approved and trustworthy packers and mover companies. So for car transportation in India, you can get an idea and accordingly find the companies in the country that are professionals and have gone through a verification process.

Hiring these Vehicle Packers and Movers will make sure that you don’t really have to worry about the security of your vehicle. In case you are a bank employee, you gain the advantage of booking IBA approved company for inter-city shifting only and not the ones that involve local shifting.


How do you find IBA approved companies in India?

If you have been living in any of the metro cities of the country, it will be very easy for you to find the IBA approved Car Carriers in India and they are more than happy to offer you vehicle relocation services. You can easily search on the website by IBA and search a company yourself. Try to refine your search by using the name of the city you want the relocation from. Surely you will be able to find a company perfect for you. Just make sure you get in touch with them with your complete requirements and ask for a quote after a physical survey of your car. Once you get the estimates after approval you can get your vehicle relocated.


 But if you stay in a remote location and looking forward to getting your vehicle relocated, it can get a bit difficult. In case you aren’t sure to what company you want to go with, you can inform our company with details and we can get you connected to some of the IBA approved companies for your vehicle. After talking to them and evaluation of the deals they are offering you can get your car relocated swiftly and safely.


Advantages of hiring IBA approved car packers and movers over the general ones:

Here we have for you some of the major reasons as to why you must always select IBA approved companies for your vehicle over the general ones:

A.        They are registered and licensed companies and this makes them a reliable company that will not be giving you hard time. You can relax as they have gone through a strict verification process and IBA has assigned them with proper validity policies and certification codes.


B.        You have an absolutely stress free shifting because of IBA approved companies. These companies offer insurance for your car and the bank will be responsible in case you face any kind of damage and loss and are going to pay you.


C.        Although they might charge you a little more than other generic companies, they make sure that you get the best moving service that is personalized. Their staff consists of highly trained professionals that take care of everything.


These are just some of the reasons as to IBA approved Car Packers Movers are better than General ones?