Why you should avoid from Fake Packers Movers?

There are so many companies around the country that have been cheating people on the name of being professional Car Packers Movers. This leads to people bearing huge losses because of the mistake they make of hiring a company that hasn’t been verified.  This kind of fake companies are on the rise and the reason is that people are completely unaware and have little to no information on hiring a company that is genuine that leads to getting cheated.

The companies claiming they provide high-quality Car Transportation services deal from a location that is unknown to the client and afterward they refrain from providing proper services. They also never give the client the right information on the time required for shifting and the facilities.

This service provider’s deal on mobile phones to the client and you won’t be able to meet them in person. This can be highly risky when you are not able to deal with the person face to face and there is a high chance that you might even lose your vehicle to theft. It is highly advised that you deal with the owner that is offering you Car Shifting Service after an initial first conversation on the phone.

While you are searching for a good company by yourself online, you must be clear about the fact that the company is not fake and this can be done easily by having a look at the reviews posted by people that have taken the assistance of the agency for their requirements. But there is another side to this as well, as the companies also trap the clients by attracting them to book them before any formal conversation.

This is wrong and just blindly following positive reviews won’t help either. Read the reviews and think if they don’t seem too good to be true either. Keep in mind the following things:

  • The reviews should not seem too good to be real and in case there are absolutely no negative or mixed reviews, it’s a red alert.
  • If there is suspicion on the names that have been posted by the reviewers and the address provided seem fake on first observation.
  • One can always get in touch with the review writer and get additional confirmation.

These are some simple ways in which a fake company can be recognized and its highly recommended that you refrain from taking their services. Also always make sure that you ask the vehicle shifting company about their license and registration number. If they are unable to provide that or the license has been expired don’t go for them

These companies might try to allure the clients with unbelievably cheap prices, but be aware. This can lead to your vehicle delivery with high chances of being damaged or if the company is completely fake, they might end up picking the vehicle from your doorstep and then will just disappear. As you won’t have any contact details it will lead to theft.

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