Checklist for Transporting your Car from Bangalore

When moving from Bangalore to any other city, one does need their vehicle to move around the place on your own. This work can be handled well through efficient car shifting services in Bangalore that is offered by the best companies. Taking the assistance of companies is also a great idea as it makes sure that your vehicle reaches the desired destination without being damaged. However, there are some points that you must keep in mind while relocating your vehicle that you should remember:

Checklist for car shifting: First Step

  • Select the best method of car transportation in Bangalore that suits your needs. There is an option to relocate through the open or enclosed vehicle. If you are on a strict budget go for the open trailer otherwise an enclosed one as it offers complete protection against theft and bad weather conditions.
  • Select the time and day that you need vehicle shifting to be done. Make sure you re-confirm this date with the car packers and movers in Bangalore that you have hired. This removes the possibility of any kind of confusion at the last minute.
  • Get a copy of the car keys in case you just have one. You can give the spare keys to the shifting team and keep the original one with you.

Before relocating Your Car:

  • Make sure you are cleaning your car well. This helps to notice any kind f dents or chips that are already present.
  • Make the list of all specific damages on the car and its best to take pictures at this point as well. Taking close-ups and pictures from all angles is vital to keep the record of any cosmetic damages and date the pictures as well.
  • Before handing over your vehicle to the company offering car relocation services in Bangalore you need to remove any personal belongings. Leave the standard vehicle equipment. But remove grill covers, spare tire, etc.
  • Remove any detachable accessory. This means that you have to remove the music player, radio antenna, luggage racks, etc. In case you are shifting a convertible vehicle make sure that you are securing the top well.
  • Another important thing is to check the car battery. This should be charged fully and mounted securely on the bracket. Then comes the tires, they should also be inflated properly and as per the suggestions of the vehicle shifting company.
  • Before handing over your car also check if there are any mechanical or leak issues. In case there are you have to get it corrected. Usually, when the team of shifting company comes for inspection they can tell that as well. But if not, you need to inform them about it. This is vital as there can be issues while the car gets loaded or unloaded from the trailer.
  • You also need to disable a car alarm. In case this is not possible then you have to give detailed instructions to the driver in case there is a need to turn the alarm off by him while shifting takes place.

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