Seven Tips to Recognise Fraudulent Vehicle Packers Movers in Nagpur

Now that you are moving from Nagpur to another city, you would have realized that it is not a bed of roses. Shifting is difficult as there is so much to work. The last thing that you want when moving from one place to another is encountering a fraudulent vehicle packers and movers. Here are a few pro tips that will help you single out a fraud car carrier in Nagpur.

Too Good for an Offer

If a company is offering to meet all your requirements in half the price that others are asking for, it is better to stay away from that company. The best car shipping companies in Nagpur have very competitive rates and thus someone credible undercutting their price by a huge margin is highly unlikely.

No Inspection

Have the car packers and movers near me in Nagpur that you have chosen looked at your car? Trusted car transporters in Nagpur will not give you a quote until they have inspected your car. So make sure that the packer and mover are inspecting your vehicle.

Not Approved

The vehicle transporter that you choose must be one from IBA approved transporters. If the company is not registered, then you might not want to give them your car.

Bad Track Record

Just looking for IBA certification is not enough, you should look for Google reviews and customer testimonials too. If the company does not have a long list of happy customer, then it is probably for a reason.

No Guaranteed Quote

Ask the vehicle movers and packers to provide you with a guaranteed quote once you have given all the details. A rough estimation is not enough for the company might increase the charges at the last minute.

No GST Bill

Is the car carrier discouraging you to pay the relevant GST or asking for a cash payment of car transportation charges in Nagpur? These are signs that show the company is trying to play dirty. Proceed with caution here.

Go for Direct Carriers

Check if the company owns its own trucks and trailers for transportation or outsource transportation to a third party. It is always better to go for the company that owns its own fleet and has permanent staff as you will have to deal with the same people throughout car shifting in Nagpur.

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