Why Car Packers Movers Charge Different Rates-An analysis

There might have been a situation where you would have thought that why all of the different Car Packers Movers in India have different charges for vehicle relocation. Don’t stress as we have all of the details that you need right here. There are several factors that have an affects on the overall cost of vehicle shifting. Some of the important ones are discussed below:

A. The distance to be covered:

This plays one of the most significant roles that have an effect on the rates of car packers and movers.This is very simple to understand as when you are shifting your car for a distance of 400 km or you are moving to a distance of 1000 km, there will be a difference in the expense.The time taken will also be longer for further distances.But while you are consulting a professional company they will be considering the distance before they give you the final quote.

B. The place where the vehicle needs to get shifted:

There can be an effect on the vehicle shifting costs depending on the distance that needs to be covered. This variation depends on the kind of roads the area has and the amount of traffic that the region has. These situations will be affecting the diesel expenses and also the time consumed will be varying in these situations. So the place that has less traffic and good roads will be less expensive for you over the one that is a crowded city or a tourist place that might be having bad roads.

C. The kind of packaging material that is being used:

Car relocation charges also differ as per the material that is used for packaging your vehicle. A good quality packaging material will be expensive hence it will be added to the overall costs that you need to pay. But it is an expenditure that will also make sure that your car reaches the destination without any kind of damages.  Also, a robust packaging is needed for specifically hilly areas and in case the shifting is being done during the rainy season, the use of high-quality waterproof material will affect the rates.  Then the amount of packaging required is also important and will bring about the variation in total pricing. 

D. Insurance on the services:

This is another major factor that tends to affect the pricing given by professional packers and movers. Generally, IBA approved packers and movers do offer insurance on the services and this directly shows in the Car shifting rates that you are being offered. Although it is one of the important things that you need while you get your vehicle shifted, as there will be no financial loss to you in case of any theft or damage that occurs during damage. And even though a bit expensive, will totally be worth the money.

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Bottom Line:

So this was a detailed analysis done on the reasons why the car packers and movers have different rates.